By Great Meadows Dental Group
January 26, 2017
Category: Oral Health
Tags: root canal   tooth decay  

Are you concerned that a root canal may be in your future? Dr. Nicholas Papapetros, Dr. Leo Kharin and Dr. Jessica Ristuccia, your root canalBedford, MA dentists at Great Meadows Dental Group, explain why you may need a root canal and how the procedure can help protect your smile.

Why do I need a root canal?

Root canals are performed when the pulp at the center of your tooth becomes inflamed or infected. If the pulp isn't removed during a root canal procedure, the only other option is an extraction of the tooth. Losing a tooth unnecessarily is a bad idea for several reasons. Chewing is more difficult when you lose a tooth, particularly if it's a molar. Losing a tooth can also lead to jawbone weakening because your tooth roots no longer provide the stimulation the bone needs to stay strong. Tooth loss doesn't just affect one tooth, but can change your entire smile if your teeth start to shift.

If you have an abscess, an infection at the center of your tooth, a root canal will protect your oral and general health. The bacteria in the infection can travel to other parts of your body via your bloodstream. If it reaches your heart or brain, it could trigger a heart attack or stroke. Root canal treatment and antibiotics will help you avoid these serious health problems. An abscess is a dental emergency and requires prompt treatment.

How will I know if I need a root canal in Bedford?

Signs and symptoms that may indicate that you need a root canal include:

  • Pain: Pain in the tooth may worsen when you eat or put pressure on the tooth. Pain may be constant or intermittent and can be severe if you develop an infection in the tooth.
  • Gum Changes: Swollen, inflamed gums may be a sign that you need a root canal. If you have an abscess, you may notice a small pimple-like bump on the gum next to the tooth.
  • Sensitivity: Sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages may occur if you need a root canal.
  • Fever, Swollen Lymph Nodes and Facial Swelling: These symptoms typically occur if you have an abscess.

Tooth-saving root canals can safeguard your smile. If you're concerned about a tooth, call Drs. Papapetros, Kharin and Ristuccia, your Bedford, MA dentists at Great Meadows Dental Group, at (781) 275-7707 to schedule an appointment.