By Great Meadows Dental Group
November 14, 2017
Category: Oral Health

Of course, you want your teeth to look good--nice and straight, no gaps, bright and shiny. Your professional teeth cleaning at Great professional teeth cleaningsMeadows Dental Group in Bedford, MA is the first step your dentist takes to keep your smile aesthetics as vibrant as possible. But, did you know that hygienic cleanings also support your oral health? Partnered with your careful brushing and flossing at home, a semi-annual cleaning can be one of your smile's best benefits.

Why bother with in-office cleanings?

At-home brushing and flossing just does not remove all the plaque and tartar your teeth and gums accumulate. So what's the big deal? Bacteria-filled plaque and tartar lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Undetected and untreated, these oral health conditions escalate to tooth loss. So when your dentist in Bedford asks you to come in for a cleaning and check-up every six months, it's really for your own good.

Other benefits of professional cleanings

Your friendly hygienist at Great Meadows Dental Group does more than just manually scale your teeth. She also takes digital X-rays as needed to help the dentist see hidden areas of your mouth, bone and root structure. She measures your gum pockets, too. This simple, painless procedure tells your Bedford dentist how healthy your gums are. The AAP states that gum pocket depth greater than five millimeters is diagnostic for gum disease.

Additionally, both your hygienist and your dentist check your mouth for signs of oral cancer by looking under your tongue and at the other soft tissues of the mouth and back of the throat. They also palpate, or feel, the lymph nodes at the sides of the neck and under the chin. This takes just a few minutes but can catch oral cancers in their earliest stages when they are most treatable.

Finally, your hygienist uses a mildly abrasive toothpaste and rotary tool to polish your teeth to a sparkling and squeaky-clean finish. Try getting that super, stain-free smile at home!

For your next check-up and cleaning...

Please contact Great Meadows Dental Group in Bedford, MA where the staff believes that preventive dental services, including hygienic cleanings, are the best way to keep a bright, strong smile. Call today: (781) 275-7707.